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During process of updating this site I ran into multiple issues. How to add the new items in, even if I do not plan to keep them. Getting the CSS to work the way I wanted it to. I think this project would have been easier if I had just made a new site and taken on a add-in type of project. After the class is over a new plan will be started to build a new foundation for the site including many items I could not use at this time.

The class has set in motion the need to redesign the site. Currently the need for it to be mobile first or Responsive is a none issue. The motion to start selling artwork online will make the need for mobile a priority. I can't sell well if my mobile customers have to scroll. I will also need a shopping cart, so I believe some javascript will come into play in calculations and form submissions.

The length of time this class had, only made the completion time more difficult. I will be using the CSS updates, forms and styles. The javascript will only stay long enough to complete but will not continue in the site until there is more of a need for scripting.

The body of work is little out dated in its content but still valid. After this is all over, I need to add and delete some content. Make current assets to be inline with current job title and work. I need to adjust the inspiration page a little, add more tutorials and move older assets to the bottom add in the newest content. I am ok with the content of the contact page, but I think I will make some adjustments to it.

My site was a live one, so this an ongoing content adjustment. And it will continue to be so. My mission at this point was to learn some new stuff to incorporate itno the site. I planned to make more updates to the navigation, add in new content and points of interest. The redesign will be adjusted to include the mobile aspect.

As I was the client, I knew where to go. What was neeeded (in most cases) and implement the changes. The site is, as stated, is live and under continuously undergoing edits. Content is most of the Body of Work will be udpated again. The mobility of the site is not needed at this time. But I plan to scrap and rebuild the site with RWD in mind. This change will enable me to start online sales. Bandwidth may be a problem at that time but at this time it isn't an issue. My site is not that complicated or at least I don't think so.

The site works, I will need to do more testing when it goes to the RWD/mobile first thought process. I will turn to Litmus for some testing issues and browser testing in house when the time comes. Current useage is good.

At the beginning I had navigation issues. I have since made some changes to help eliminate that problem. I did appreciate the feedback from my peers. I was able to use some comments to get edits made.

I really did not have a big choices to make, that will change when I get to the tear down stage of the site at a later date.

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