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Hello and welcome! I have been and artist for as long as I can remember (over 20 years). The first pencil to paper experience was somewhat lacking. I kept at it. Always striving for the perfect picture.

The early years were the books, the trials, the successes and failures. We all have them, it is what makes us better designers. My art schooling of formal education started in High School. Some of the best teachers and hardest points of view to take. But they helped me see the other side of the coin. I am grateful for their guidance and the push they gave me to keep going, keep trying, and to remain true to myself. Not all of my art will please everyone.

Following high school I made my way through the screen print process, manufacturing, R&D and press run for demo of presses and ink dryers. I was missing something -- passion of the job. So, I made my way to Illinois Institute of Art more great teachers of new skills and a trade I could make a living at. Some of my best friends came from this experience. I am grateful to them for their honesty. This culminated in a BFA in Graphic Design. Got my first job - which I did for ~15 years.

During those 15 years, I learned not all people can understand those of us who are designers. How to get past this you ask. I went back to school for a Masters Degree -- Marketing. Why?? The industry is full of designers and the rest of the company(sales, marketing, VPs, producers and of course the clients). They didn't understand design and we as designers didn't get them either. This degree has opened that door of communication.

The new knowledge fills in the gaps that most designers don't see. I know the questions to ask so I get the answers. As a director I can see the whole picture and translate to my team. I keep on point & look at the project from their point of view too.

I love my design world. Projects are finished in my head before we start. Just have layout the path for all to follow.
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